May 14, 2020

Amid shortages, hospitals turn to online matchmakers to swap supplies



Amid Shortages, Hospitals Turn To Online Matchmakers To Swap Supplies

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The hospital association is involved in some projects, including the 100 Million Mask Challenge, which lines up alternative manufacturers to churn out masks for medical workers.

Last month, the University of Vermont Health system’s Burlington hospital was short on face shields. But it had surplus hand sanitizer, which it got from local distilleries that partnered to make 16-ounce “Vermont Strong” bottles, said supply chain director Charlie Miceli.

Meanwhile, his counterpart at a Lebanon, New Hampshire, hospital was hunting for hand Sanitizer.

They turned to The Exchange at Resilinc, a new online trading platform from Stanford Health Care, hospital consulting group Premier Inc. and logistics software company Resilinc.

Miceli and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center's Curtis Lancaster posted descriptions of what they needed and what they could trade. They were matched up and swapped 500 of each.

“It gives you some breathing room so you can go track down more supply,” Miceli said.

Resilinc CEO Bindiya Vikal said N95 masks, the most protective type, are the top requested item.

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