March 18, 2020

COVID-19 stockpiling of essentials could put load on supply chain



COVID-19 Stockpiling Of Essentials Could Put Load On Supply Chain

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Jacksonville area, Fla. — The fear fueled stockpiling of toilet paper, bottled water and other essentials could put a burden on the supply chain for local stores, officials say.

“There should be toilet paper left,” said one shopper, Phyllis Fulton.

Using social distancing Action News Jax Ben Becker spoke with Lake Ray, president of the Florida Manufacturing Council.

Ray says factories like the Georgia-Pacific plant in Palatka are still producing paper products full steam ahead.

“Those products are made from wood and are already here so there are no issues,” says Ray. “The only issue with paper is if there is a shutdown of equipment."

However, the slowing of manufacturing in China has created supply chain challenges for device makers like Apple. It has closed all its retail stores until late March.

In addition, Analysts at Resilinc, a supply chain research firm, said that more than 3,500 factories that make semiconductors and consumer electronics, are located in coronavirus-affected areas of the world.

“There will be a four-month window for that equipment,” says Ray.

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