May 21, 2014

What Supply Chain Resiliency Looks Like at Juniper Networks

Jon Bovit

When you have more than 20,000 customers worldwide, your supply chain can’t fail. Juniper Networks Inc. knows this all too well. In the high-tech industry, operational excellence and superior supply chain performance are basic calling cards to success.

Resting on supply chain laurels is not an option either, the routing, switching and security solutions provider believes. 

“We looked at our overall supply chain, and we thought about the things we needed to do to deliver to our customers on-time. And, we knew we needed to do something more,” said Joe Carson, Juniper’s global operations executive.

Doing more meant including Resilinc’s supplier mapping and event monitoring solutions in its risk mitigation strategy.

By mapping all of its suppliers globally and understanding which events could cause potential disruptions, Juniper Networks has been able to both react to supply chain occurrences and proactively plan what-if scenarios aimed at reducing their exposure to other potential risks.

Besides improving its supply chain visibility, the company saw other unexpected benefits from the Resilinc rollout and increased supply chain resiliency.

“Supply chain compliance was an interesting side benefit that we got from it. What we learned was [that] once we had our suppliers mapped together, we could respond to other questions we were getting,” added Carson, who leads the company’s operational and risk compliance program.

For instance, while many companies are still struggling with tracking conflict minerals and tracing materials back to the source of origin, the task turned out to be relatively routine for Juniper Networks. “Because we already knew who our suppliers were, we had already reached out to them and we already had mapped connections to them, we were able to resolve the conflict minerals audit in a matter of weeks,” Carson said.

To find out more about how a plan, monitor and protect approach has helped our customers strengthen their supply chain operations, take a look at our YouTube channel for more information.

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