June 25, 2020

Heroes of the Supply Chain



Heroes Of The Supply Chain

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Tech firm Resilinc launches health-care industry exchange for PPE, medical supplies

Supply chain technology and risk management firm Resilinc responded early to increased demand for critical health-care supplies by launching the The Exchange at Resilinc, an online clearinghouse designed to match available inventory with hospitals that need items, including personal protective equipment, to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. The company announced the initiative March 25, and the exchange was up and running by mid-April.
Resilinc partnered with representatives from the health-care and logistics sectors to create the exchange, which will allow group purchasing organizations (GPOs), distributors, and hospitals to connect and exchange inventory and to access donated inventory from manufacturers and other organizations. The program is designed to digitize and broaden a system that is largely done informally and manually between trading partners. The exchange will be free for all U.S. hospitals through September, according to Resilinc Founder and CEO Bindiya Vakil.
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