March 31, 2020

Stanford Health and Resilinc create medical supply exchange



Stanford Health and Resilinc Create Medical Supply Exchange

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California-based Stanford Health Care and Resilinc, a supply chain risk management software company, have created a cloud platform that will allow hospitals to identify, locate and exchange critical medical supplies. 

Called "the Exchange at Resilinc," the platform will allow hospitals to have supplies shipped directly to them. For example, a hospital can list on the platform that it needs N95 face masks and offer medical gowns in exchange. 

The partnership also includes Premier, a group purchasing organization, and United Parcel Service. 

The companies created the platform in response to shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. There are 2,6000 healthcare items, such as face masks and surgical gowns, that are experiencing shortages as of March 30, according to data from Resilinc. 

Medical distributors and other organizations also can use the platform to donate medical supplies directly to hospitals or healthcare organizations. 

The companies plan to launch the platform in mid-April and said they are on track to register more than 2,000 hospitals and healthcare organizations by the end of April. The companies said they hope to make the platform available globally this summer, according to a news release from Resilinc. 

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