April 24, 2020

Supply disruptions will continue, tech firm says



Supply Disruptions Will Continue, Tech Firm 

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Supply chain quarterly

Medical, healthcare, food supply chains remain among those most affected as shutdowns linger, economies slowly reopen.

Supply chain disruptions due to the Covid-19 pandemic show no signs of slowing, and could double next month as the crisis continues worldwide, leaders from supply chain risk management technology firm Resilinc said in an online presentation Thursday.

The company held the fifth in a series of webinars on the topic this week, offering insight into global supply chain disruptions and strategies to help companies combat them. 

Resilinc has been tracking global supply chain disruptions due to the coronavirus outbreak in China since mid-December and says it has seen 400% growth in the number of supplier impacts per month globally. The company monitors data from more than 90,000 companies and public entities and tracks disruptions to supplier sites around the world. Manufacturers continue to be affected by ongoing shutdowns and the slow reopening of economies; as of mid-April, Resilinc's research shows that suppliers have been affected by disruptions for an average of 3.3 weeks, according to Resilinc's Jon Bovit, head of marketing and business development.

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